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Beverly McCord gives advice on being overwhelmed at a curriculum fair
Volume 43, Program 18
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If you've ever walked into to a convention hall you know the feeling--all those booths, all those people, all those options. Where do you start? How do you see it all? Beverly McCord joins President Michael Smith on today's Home School Heartbeat to answer your questions.

    Michael Smith:

    Beverly, I know a lot of folks feel overwhelmed at curriculum fairs. What advice can you give them?

    Beverly McCord:

    Well, you're always going to feel overwhelmed especially when you walk in a place that's got thousands of people and thousands of books. So you register, you get your materials, you go stand in the corner somewhere and collect your marbles for a minute. You look at the program. You figure out what workshops you want to attend. Plan your day around them. If there are some you can't attend think about buying a tape. Then you pull out your shopping list and study the floor plan. Find the publishers you want. Start planning that. If you didn't bring a written shopping list you could be in big trouble because you might fall prey to impulse shopping. You ought to plan to spend the whole day at the fair particularly new homeschoolers because you just can't digest it all in one or two hours. You also should leave your small kids at home because it's a long day and very tiring for them. And you probably ought to take your husband with you or another homeschool friend just for moral support if nothing else.

    Michael Smith:

    Thank you Beverly�this is great advice! Beverly is the founder and director of the Home School Book Fair in Arlington, Texas. You can check out her website at homeschoolbookfair.org.

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