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Looking for rewards � don�t give up
Volume 42, Program 8
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Will I ever see the fruit of all this work? President Mike Smith offers encouragement to weary homeschool moms as he interviews today's guest on Home School Heartbeat.


    Zan, you've been homeschooling now for 19 years. I'm sure there have been many good results from all that hard work. Tell our listeners some of the highlights of your early homeschooling days.


    I think some of the great stories are when the children were particularly young. My middle son who has a very high IQ wasn't reading when he was 6. And I had to take him into the public school for testing anyway. He went in for that test not being able to read a word, and I prayed that God would protect him and shield him and allow me homeschool the next year. Well, the school district picked up the wrong test scores for him that year. The next year he went in and made the 99 percentile on everything, and as he came out of the test he looked at me and said, "Mom, you can't believe how much easier it is to take a test when you can read what's on it." And so we've had some funny things happen. I would say the other thing is the real freedom to develop the individual interest of your children. My daughter is very interested in the fine arts. She could play the role of Annie in the community theater and do private voice lessons and dance and drama and all those things that really enhanced her education, and I didn't have to deny her academic excellence or the pursuit of those things that makes her a whole person.

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