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Overcoming clutter and chaos

Vol. 41, Prg. 21–25
November 25–29, 2002

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Balance: the key to sanity
Avoiding the “Burn Out”
What’s your role?
Chaos control
The nitty gritty

This week's guest:

Christine Field

Mark and Christine Field were married in 1986 and had the typical dual-career marriage. After practicing law for eight years, Christine left the work force in 1991 to raise the children full time. God has blessed them with four children thus far: three girls and one boy. Three were adopted and one is biological. They live and home school in Wheaton, Illinois, where Mark serves as Chief of Police.

Resources & Information:

Christine Field's website, providing, "Encouragement and support for all things related to the home."
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Just when you’lve got dinner in the crock-pot and your 9-year-old happily solving math problems, the phone rings, the baby starts crying, and your 6-year-old tracks mud through the living room. Sound familiar? Learn how one veteran homeschooler (and former lawyer) successfully navigated the “juggling act” of teaching multiple ages and playing spouse, homemaker, cook, coach, social director, and disciplinarian—without burning out! 279 pages, softcover from Shaw.

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