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The Big Bad Bard: Studying Shakespeare

Vol. 40, Prg. 6–10
September 16–20, 2002

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Who's afraid of the big bad bard?
Making Shakespeare come alive in your homeschool
Experiencing Shakespeare
The Play's the thing!
Shakespeare: A stepping stone to new areas of interest

This week's guest:

Deborah Taylor-Hough

Deborah Taylor-Hough (long-time homeschooling mother of three) is always on the lookout for simple, inexpensive and fun educational activities to share with her family and newsletter subscribers. She's also the author of the bestselling book, Frozen Assets: How to cook for a day and eat for a month, and A Simple Choice: A practical guide for saving your time, money and sanity (Champion Press, Ltd.).

Debi wanted more for her own three children than just a simple, generic education. She wanted them to feast their hearts, souls and minds on fine literature, awe-inspiring art, majestic music, and great thoughts. She wanted them to learn how to think—not just learn to pass a test. She wanted them to be prepared spiritually, intellectually, morally and academically to pursue wholeheartedly whatever passion God laid on their hearts for the future, whether in the field of medicine, art, missions, or homemaking. Homeschooling was the answer Deborah found to fulfill the longing of her heart for her children's education.

She and her family are currently investigating full-time missionary work in Eastern Europe.

Resources & Information:

Deborah Taylor-Hough's collection of online resources include:

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