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Trip to Prague—
Day 2

Volume 4, Program 23
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Approximately one and a half million children are taught at home in the United States. But home schooling is not a phenomenon isolated to this country. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association, describes the beginnings of the home schooling movement in the Czech Republic.

    When I was in the Czech Republic last March, I had the privilege of meeting all three—yes, that’s just three—families who are home schooling their children.

    The story of the first family who began home schooling, Jiri and Hannah Tuma, is a remarkable one.

    Hannah’s father was one of the few private farmers during the Communist era. Even though the government tried to coerce, blackmail, and intimidate his family—including attempts to starve them—Hannah’s father refused to join the collective.

    Jiri and Hannah give credit to his example for preparing them to endure the ridicule and pressure that followed their own decision to become the first home schooling family in the Czech Republic.

    The families who will follow them will need similar courage. They need courage not only to face pressure from friends and family and officials, but also, they will need courage to face the enormous financial pressure that will come from their decision. In the Czech economy, a mother’s job is necessary in order to just get the bare essentials.

    We need to pray for and encourage our new friends in the Czech Republic, that they will have the strength they need and the practical tools that they must use to train their children in godliness at home. This is Michael Farris.

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