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Friends of Home Schooling Fund
Volume 39, Program 35
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Do you think that home schooling is a great education choice even though you yourself aren't currently home schooling? Today on Home School Heartbeat, President Michael Smith, talks with Chuck Hurst about the Home School Foundation's Friends of Home Schooling Fund.

    Michael Smith:

    Chuck, the Home School Foundation has a program called "Friends of Home Schooling" that is a great way for people who support the home schooling movement, but who aren't home schooling right now, to be a blessing to others in the movement. Can you tell our listeners about the program?

    Chuck Hurst:

    We all need friends. Let me tell you about a special friend. For Marilyn preparing and teaching lessons and grading tests, taking field trips and fighting for a good cause had become a way of life to her. Now all that was changing. Her last son had recently graduated. She found herself graduating from home schooling. Yet her interest and her heart for home schooling remained strong. The question for her was how could she stay involved in it now that she wasn't home schooling. We invited her to become a friend of home schooling. The Friends of Home Schooling Fund which is administered by the Home School Foundation, is ideal for families who are not currently home schooling but who still have a heart for defending home schooling freedoms. If you'd like to be a friend we invite you visit our website at homeschoolfoundation.org and thanks for being a friend.


    Thank you, Chuck for informing us about the good works the Home School Foundation is doing for the home school community.

If you've ever wondered how you can help us beyond being a member, then the Friends of Home Schooling Fund is a great way to begin. To get more information on this fund, just ask us for the "Friends of Home Schooling" info packet. Call us toll free at 866-338-8614. Or, go to our website at homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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For more information about the Home School Foundation and how you can help families in need, request a copy of the Foundation Brochure packet.

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