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Moms Need Time to Think
Volume 39, Program 29
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What I need is time to think! Chairman Michael Farris talks about making time for planning and refreshment on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Mike Farris:

    Today I'd like to encourage home school moms to carve out time to plan and rest so that they can run the race of home schooling with endurance. Even Jesus needed time away from his duties to fellowship with His Father.

    Start your daily time with God. Don't neglect it to get a head start on schoolwork. He will use that time to refresh and strengthen you. If a scripture encourages you, write it down and keep it in a file box for those moments in the day when you need His support. God made you and each of your children. He knows just what you'll need for each day.

    Take time away from the children, to make long range plans. Discuss them with your husband. Get his help on being realistic. Give yourself breathing room when you plan out the year, especially around crunch times like Christmas, end of the year activities, and at our house, softball season.

    And don't neglect yourself physically. Home school moms are doing a Herculean task, especially if they have a large family. Recognize your signs of fatigue and allow yourself the rest you need. A day off from school to play in the park, or putter around the house, may be just what the doctor ordered. Taking care of your needs will help you serve your family for the long haul. I'm Mike Farris.

Let's face it, the bulk of everyday work of home schooling falls on Mom's shoulders � and it's no easy task. Vickie Farris is the mother of 10 home schooled children and has written a helpful book A Mom Just Like You. Ask for your copy with a gift of at least $12. Call us toll-free at 866-338-8614. That's 866-338-8614. Or go to our website at homeschoolheartbeat.com. That's homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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