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An Outward Perspective—
Part V: How to Reach the World for Christ

Volume 3, Program 15
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The Bible commands believers to spread the gospel both at home and throughout the world. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association, shares a unique missions strategy with home schoolers.

    Last spring, I traveled to the Czech Republic to speak about home schooling at the World Congress on Families. I had hoped to generate some interest about home schooling abroad, but I was astounded at the overwhelming response I received.

    This spring I’ll be traveling back to Prague to meet with would-be pioneers of a Czech home schooling movement. HSLDA is currently working with home schoolers in Germany and South Africa, and we’ve also heard from Switzerland, France, and Japan. The reason home schooling is spreading so far so quickly is that the problem of family disintegration is universal. People in every nation are looking for something to hold their families together, and in turn to hold their societies together as well.

    I believe there’s tremendous opportunity here to use home schooling as a vehicle for evangelism. A family that traveled to another country to aid the budding home schooling movement there would also have a tremendous ability to share the gospel. There are many who don’t yet recognize their need for Christ, but do recognize their need for a solution to educational and family problems. If we first meet those practical, recognized needs, we’ll have a chance to meet the most basic need of all. It’s a world missions strategy worth thinking about. This is Michael Farris.

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