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An Outward Perspective—
Part II: Reaching Out to Hurting Families

Volume 3, Program 12
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In a world where families are falling apart, home schoolers have a tremendous opportunity to shine the light of the gospel. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association, speaks about practical ways that home schoolers can change the world through godly families.

    The first step in being helped is acknowledging need. It’s obvious to Christians that this world badly needs Christ, but there aren’t many people who recognize this need on their own. However, people do see their families hurting, their marriages falling apart, and their children suffering. Christian home schoolers who offer solutions to these surface needs will then be able to offer solutions to the basic needs. We have a unique opportunity to help hurting families.

    The first way to do this is through a good example and an open, gracious testimony about why your family is thriving. A family who simply gets along and loves one another cannot fail to stand out these days, but your works must be followed up by words so the message is clear.

    Secondly, our families need to become active in the community. Something as simple as hosting a neighborhood coffee, starting a community Bible study on marriage and family, or having youth over for basketball in your driveway, can build fruitful relationships. Give families and singles the opportunity to see you working together as a unit. This is an area where people are desperately looking for an answer. We are amiss in our citizenship and our Christianity if we fail to give them the answer they desperately need. This is Michael Farris.

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