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Hard Times—
Part II: What if Your Child Doesn’t Want to Be Home Schooled?

Volume 3, Program 7
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You’re convinced that home education is best for your child. But what if your child just doesn’t want to be taught at home? Michael Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association, addresses this challenge on today’s Home School Heartbeat.

    You hear about them everywhere: perfect home school children. But when it comes to your child, there are problems. If it works for other families, why isn’t it working for you?

    First, remember that home schooling isn’t the answer for the problem of sin. While it’s a wonderful vehicle for teaching children to love God, it isn’t a substitute for a daily Christian walk. If Jesus Christ isn’t Lord of your child’s life, home schooling or strong rules alone cannot turn him around. Praying for and with your child is vital.

    Second, it often takes time for children to adjust to the lifestyle change of home education. If your child has just left traditional school and wants to go back, don’t panic! Although it’s difficult to see your child struggling, remember that love means acting in their best long-term interest. Encourage them to remain active in community activities, home school groups, and in friendships. Get them excited about the fun side of home schooling—field trips on school days, doing math class in pajamas, special family projects, and even the reduced school hours.

    Talk to a few home school graduates, and you’ll almost certainly find someone who didn’t like home schooling at first. Then ask them if they’re glad now that they were home schooled, and you’ll almost certainly hear a very enthusiastic “yes.” I’m Michael Farris.

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