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Education Questions—Part V

Volume 2, Program 20
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The school tests your child, but do you test the school? Today on Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association, shares another key question you should ask about your school: in my child’s current learning environment, will he learn to honor and love America?

    We are all too familiar with the grip political correctness has upon the educational systems of this country. Children are taught that it is wrong to believe men and women are different, wrong to believe private property owners have rights, wrong to believe homosexuality is sinful, and wrong to believe that anything is always right or wrong except, of course, that moral orthodoxy is always wrong. Perhaps saddest of all for our nation and its future, politically correct education teaches children that it is wrong to believe America is good.

    In today’s American history classes, children are taught more about the Ku Klux Klan than about George Washington Carver. They are taught more about the significance of whites breaking treaties with Native-Americans than the significance of the first Thanksgiving, where Pilgrims and Indians dined together in harmony.

    Accurate history gives both the good and the bad the place they deserve. The future of America depends upon a generation who accurately understand American history, and who honor and love their country.

    Put your child’s school to the test. If it comes up short, maybe home schooling is just what you need to get the kind of education you want for your children. I’m Michael Farris.

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