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Is your child a chatterbox when they ought to be studying? Well, that could be a clue to their learning style. Find out more on today’s Home School Heartbeat. Here’s your host, Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Homeschoolers have the wonderful flexibility being able to personalize their child’s education. Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, you can choose the curriculum methods and teaching techniques that enable fun, effective learning.

Do you have an auditory learner in your homeschool? She’s the one who needs to hear herself say something in order to remember it. That’s because she retains information most strongly when it comes through her ears. You may also notice that she prefers to have you read aloud to her instead of reading to herself. Because this talkative child learns best by hearing, you’ll want to incorporate a variety of sound-based formats into her homeschool lessons. Encourage your student to read her assignments aloud to understand them. Teach lessons conversationally, giving her the opportunity to verbalize what she is learning. Make frequent visits to your local library to borrow books on tape and CDs with learning songs. Your auditory learner will also benefit from group projects and oral presentations.

Since auditory learners sometimes find silence to be distracting, allow your child to listen to music while studying. She may also enjoy working with a study partner. Although your child’s study habits may seem unorthodox, the important thing is that she be aware of how she learns best.

As you homeschool your auditory learner, you’ll find yourself learning to celebrate the sounds around you. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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