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Grounded Concerns
Volume 119, Program 18
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Homeschoolers might think the new Common Core standards only affect public schoolers, but they’d be mistaken. Today on Home School Heartbeat, your host Mike Smith and film director Ian Reid share how the Common Core is affecting the college application process for everyone.

Mike Smith: Ian, you interviewed a number of key players involved in the development process for Common Core who now express serious reservations about it. What were some of their concerns?

Ian: Well, I think there are a few concerns. The first is that there is so little known about the Common Core that many people, even experts, don’t know the full impact that the standards will have on education. In fact, some of the people who are most advocating the standards don’t have very much evidence, if any evidence, to back up their claims that the standards are good for American school children. Secondly, what we actually find is, people who were on the validation committee itself, the committee that approved the standards ostensibly, there are people who couldn’t sign on to those standards and actually dropped off the validation committee. And yet, when you talk with some of the people who were there on the ground level and couldn’t sign on to the standards behind closed doors, they say that, in some cases, the standards put children behind as much as two years by the time they’re in high school.

Mike Smith: Well, Ian, some people would say, this only impacts public school students. Why should homeschoolers be concerned?

Ian: Well, large testing conglomerates are all realigning the tests, the curriculum, and everything that relates to education to be aligned to these Common Core standards. And sooner or later, everyone needs to be tested if they want to get into college, and the Common Core is going to impact those aims.

Mike Smith: Well, Ian, we know that every taxpayer should have the right to object to this and have their money well spent. So thanks for sharing that with us today, and until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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