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Volume 119, Program 16
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Are you wondering what’s wrong with the Common Core Curriculum Standards? Isn’t high achievement a good goal for students? Join your host Mike Smith and HSLDA’s director of film and visual media, Ian Reid, today on Home School Heartbeat, as they talk about HSLDA’s new documentary about Common Core called Building the Machine.

Mike Smith: Our guest today is Ian Reid, a Patrick Henry College graduate and director of HSLDA’s film and visual media department. Welcome to our program, Ian.

Ian: Thanks, Mike. It’s my pleasure.

Mike Smith: Ian, you recently completed a documentary film about the development of the Common Core Curriculum Standards aptly titled Building the Machine. Now, why produce this film when the majority of states have already accepted it?

Ian: Well, very few people in the country know what the common core standards actually do or how they impact children. In fact, according to a recent poll, a widely respected poll, more than 65% of Americans, as of 2013, had no idea what the Common Core standards actually were. And so, we think there’s a disconnect between what the states have done and what American citizens know about what the states have done.

Mike Smith: Why did HSLDA think this project was critical at this time?

Ian: Mainly because there’s so little known about the Common Core by Americans in general. And we think it’s important that parents understand how the Common Core affects not only public school children, not only public school parents, but really parents and children who homeschool, private school, and really the Common Core standards affect education across the entire country.

Mike Smith: Okay, Ian, that’s great and certainly we know that federal overreach in education will never achieve excellent results for individual students. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Watch Building the Machine, a film about the Common Core, for free right now by clicking the link above.

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