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Margin for Moms: An Interview with Carol Barnier

Vol. 118, Prg. 16–20
December 30, 2013–January 3, 2014

If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, you are not alone! Many homeschool mothers struggle with finding margin in their lives. Find out just what this “margin” is and how you can de-clutter your life as Mike Smith speaks with Carol Barnier on this week’s Home School Heartbeat.

“We need to remember, we’re not just running a school here, but we’re also supposed to be enjoying being a family.”—Carol Barnier

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The Mom Malady
A New Kind of Margin
Attitude Adjustment
Little Is Much
Widen Your Margin
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Carol Barnier

Carol Barnier is a fresh, fun, and popular conference speaker unlike any other. Her objective is to have the wit of Erma Bombeck crossed with the depth of C.S. Lewis, but admits that most days, she only achieves a solid Lucy Ricardo with a bit of Bob the Tomato. She is a frequent guest commentator on Focus on the Family’s Weekend Magazine broadcast, where she’s spoken on a variety of humorous topics ranging from not being ready to be a Titus woman (it’s the name: Titus. Anything that rhymes with Phlebitis is automatically suspect) to why angels need a new public relations manager. She has been a guest on many radio programs, contributor to many magazines, and is a speaker to conferences nationwide.
She’s also a homeschooler of 17 years, author of four books, mother to three children, and wife to one husband. Her first three books deal with the nonlinear mind trying to make it in a very linear world (teaching ADHD kids, being a highly distracted mom, learning styles). But her latest book, Engaging Today’s Prodigal, Clear Thinking, New Approaches, and Reason for Hope, shares her own prodigal journey and lessons learned to equip and encourage parents who are experiencing the pain of a child leaving the faith they were raised with.

While her humor will have you leaning sideways, her faith is solid stuff. Whether speaking about her firstborn son’s 13 surgeries, her homeschooling challenges, her family’s many ADHD challenges, or her own walk from being a God-denying atheist to the most grateful recipient of God’s amazing grace, this woman speaks from the heart. She knows why she knows what she knows.

Check her website out at CarolBarnier.com.

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Carol Barnier has more encouragement for homeschooling moms in her book, If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?: Help for the Highly Distractible Mom! Learn more and discover Carol’s other work by visiting her website at carolbarnier.com

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