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Coaching and Experience
Volume 118, Program 52
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Young novelists often write about feelings or life circumstances that they haven’t personally experienced. Listen in as host Mike Smith asks published teen author Rachel Coker how she faces this challenge while writing her stories. That’s today, on Home School Heartbeat

Mike Smith: Rachel Coker, homeschool grad and author of the book Chasing Jupiter, is with us again today. Rachel, when were you first interested in writing, and how did you pursue that interest?

Rachel Coker: Well, it’s kind of funny, my first-ever story that I wrote was for a school assignment. When I was in 6th grade, my mom made me write a fiction story, and I just—she just sort of realized that I had a gift, and she didn’t really know how to help me, so she actually hired a creative fiction writing coach, who I worked with for about a year and just learned the basics of writing. And I actually do that now for other students, which is great, but it’s a really good opportunity for talented kids who want to be able to pursue their gifts in creative writing.

Mike: Rachel, what did you find the most challenging to be able to write?

Rachel: Oh, there are so many hard things that come with writing. I guess as a teenager I realized that I haven’t experienced, you know, everything in life, and there are so many things that I haven’t learned about, so it’s hard to strike a balance between writing about things that I know and that I can relate to, and sort of trying to tap into emotions and feelings that I haven’t necessarily felt yet. But it’s still, you know, a really cool experience to be able to write about life as I know it, in a way that other teens can really relate to and to see themselves in.

Mike: Well, thank you, Rachel, that’s very encouraging. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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If you’ve enjoyed this interview with Rachel and would like to read her new novel, Chasing Jupiter, be sure to click the link above.

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