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A Good Beginning
Volume 118, Program 51
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Do you have a student who dreams maybe of one day publishing a novel? Well, this week on Home School Heartbeat, be sure to listen in as your host Mike Smith talks with his guest—a homeschooler who published her first novel when she was just 16!

Mike Smith: Our guest this week is Rachel Coker, a recent homeschool graduate and a writer. Her first novel was published by Zondervan—when she was only 16 years old! Rachel, welcome to the program!

Rachel Coker: Thank you so much for having me; I’m so pleased to be here today.

Mike: Well, Rachel, can you tell us a little bit about your family and your homeschool experience? In other words, why did your parents decide to homeschool you?

Rachel: Oh yeah, sure; it’s actually a really funny story. When my mom first started homeschooling me, I guess it was like 13 thirteen years ago, she had never met any homeschoolers before, and it was my dad’s idea. He thought it would be great for academic purposes, but they homeschooled me, and I have two younger sisters, and we went all the way through, K through graduate, and it was just a really amazing experience. My mom and dad both learned so much, and we have a really tight family because of it. So it’s been great for us!

Mike: Rachel, what did you like best about homeschooling?

Rachel: I don’t know; there are so many great things about homeschooling. Like, you get to go on field trips, and, you know, you get to just go in your pajamas, but I guess my favorite thing about homeschooling was the flexibility that it allowed, especially my high school years when I was trying to travel and do different things. I could always take my school with me, and my mom was always there to help me out, and it just really opened up a lot of doors for me.

Mike: Well, Rachel, that’s wonderful. It’s encouraging to hear a good homeschooling experience. We’re going to look forward to hearing more about you and your book next time. And until then, I’m Mike Smith.

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