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Latinos in the Homeschooling Community
Volume 118, Program 34
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It can be exciting and enriching to make friends with others from different cultural backgrounds. Today on Home School Heartbeat, your host Mike Smith and his guest Monica Olivera talk about ways Latinos and others can connect with each other in the broader homeschooling community.

Mike Smith:
One of the many benefits of homeschooling happens when a homeschooling community supports and encourages individual homeschool families. Monica, do you have any suggestions about how other homeschoolers can connect more with Latino homeschoolers?

Monica Olivera:
It’s funny because we joined our homeschool group here in North Carolina, but we are the only Latino homeschoolers that are involved in this area. And so I asked, on my Facebook page, other Latino homeschoolers if they were involved with other Latino homeschool kids or families. And the majority of them said no, they didn’t have any other Latino homeschoolers in their area that they were able to connect with. But one of the ways that some of them did, and in fact there was one lady who said there was 10 other families in her area that did homeschool, and she said that they discovered them through their homeschool group. Some of them discovered each other online. Some of them discovered each other by word of mouth. And so if any families are out there looking to connect with Latino homeschoolers, one of the best resources I think is to start with your local homeschool co-op, for example, checking online through different groups; and you can also visit my Facebook page if you’d like to post a message and say, “Hey, you know, I live in Chicago. Is there anybody else in the area who’s homeschooling their kids?” And you might get a response!

This is very insightful, Monica. I know this will help many of our listeners. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Have you appreciated this interview with Monica Olivera? Visit her blog to learn more about Monica’s website MommyMaestra and discover additional resources for Latino homeschooling.

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