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Widen Your Margin
Volume 118, Program 20
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If you feel like you’ve been living on the edge of exhaustion, little changes to your life may help—but you might need an overhaul! Homeschooling mom Carol Barnier suggests some major changes as she talks with host Mike Smith on today’s Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Smith:
Carol Barnier has been with me this week with suggestions on how busy, stressed-out homeschool moms can bring more margin to their lives. Carol, some of the moms listening might need major help to get their lives back to a sustainable pace. Would you tell our listeners about some of the radical changes that could transform their lives?

Carol Barnier:
Well, you know, Mike, I have lot of ideas that are pretty extreme, but I think the most radical one, I call it “Dropping Off the Face of the Earth.” And you might get to a point where you discover—maybe we have a house that is in serious need of decluttering. Maybe we have a child who’s really struggling with something and we need to spend some time focusing on that. Maybe it’s our marriage that needs some attention.

Whatever it is, you contact friends and people that you typically interact with, and you say, “I’m going to disappear for a little while. I don’t want you to take it personally. I will eventually come back, but I am going to have some reflection time.”

And the second step is to step out of all activities that you possibly, possibly can. Disengage for a while. And during that time, focus on that one thing. And when you have a handle on it, then you slowly step back into your community. But when you step back, your lives will be better, and things may very well be healed.

Carol, you’ve given us some truly tremendous insights into how moms can create a sustainable pace of life. Thank you for joining us this week! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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Carol Barnier has more encouragement for homeschooling moms in her book, If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?: Help for the Highly Distractible Mom! Learn more and discover Carol’s other work by visiting her website at carolbarnier.com

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