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Gains for Homeschool Freedom
Volume 118, Program 7
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Homeschooling is legal in all 50 of the United States, and it’s part of HSLDA’s mission to keep it that way. Today on Home School Heartbeat, hosts Mike Farris and Mike Smith take a look at states that have improved their homeschool laws this year.

Mike Farris:
Mike, I know that HSLDA is always working to protect our freedoms and to improve the recognition of those freedoms. Tell us what’s going on in the states in this regard.

Mike Smith:
Well, thanks, Mike. We had a very good year in advancing freedom to homeschool and parental rights through the legislatures this year. For instance, in Iowa, in partnership with the state association, we got a landmark bill passed, creating two new homeschool options with virtually no paperwork. It is truly revolutionizing homeschooling in Iowa, which, at one time, as you know, was one of the most difficult states to homeschool. In Georgia the homeschool law was significantly improved by lightening parents’ burdensome paperwork load. As a result, parents are no longer required to submit annual attendance records to the department of education. In North Carolina, Senate Bill 189 redefined the term homeschooling, giving homeschool parents a tremendous amount of flexibility in how they set up their children’s learning environment. Parents will be free to utilize co-ops, tutors, and specialists for their children with learning disabilities to be able to supplement their children’s home education.

Mike, on the parental rights scene, Nevada, Kansas, and Virginia all passed parental rights statutes, which is monumental. We also continue to protect homeschool students from additional requirements to qualify for drivers’ licenses and perhaps the major battle this year and for the future, Mike, was Common Core.

Mike Farris:

Mike, the Common Core is so important, let’s talk about that more next time. I’m Mike Farris.

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