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Volume 117, Program 53
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For Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, sending their children to college by age 12 is just another part of their homeschooling journey. Tune in today to Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Smith:
Kip and Mona Lisa, what’s a typical day in the life of your homeschool program?

Mona Lisa Harding:
Well, I think we’re pretty relaxed. I try to wake up before they do so I can be one step ahead of them when they do get up. And then we do chores; everyone has to pitch in with a family this size. And then they all kind of have their mental list. They know what’s important, you know. We’ve got to do our Bible study, they’ve got to do their math every day, they can do it in any order they want, really. They need to do their reading. The reading we cover the science and the history, and then they write every day so we can improve those skills. And then by 2:30, a lot of times, whether we’re done or not, we really need to go outside and just burn off some steam or else, you now, Mom will lose her mind. So, in the evening when Dad gets home, he’s very engaged with them and wants to be with them, so we don’t do homework in the evenings, you know, we just figure we’ll get what we didn’t get done today tomorrow. Supper time and family time around the dinner table is just as much a part of their education as the academics. That’s where they develop their emotional intelligence and talk about current events with their dad, and we’re very open with what’s going on in the world with our kids so they can process it through our Christian worldview. So we’re just relaxed; we rely on God’s grace to fill in those gaps and holes here and there.

Well, this is so encouraging to hear how homeschooling and how God has helped your children achieve such remarkable accomplishments. So, until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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