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Texas Education Agency v. Leeper
Volume 117, Program 39
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Homeschooling families in Texas enjoy almost no state regulation on their homeschooling efforts. But has this always been the case? On today’s Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris tells Mike Smith about Texas Education Agency v. Leeper, the case that made Texas one of the freest homeschooling states in the nation.

Mike Smith:
Mike, this week we’ve heard about HSLDA’s victories in Michigan and California. Is there another case that you consider one of the most important landmark cases in homeschooling history?

Mike Farris:
Well, Mike, the case of Texas Education Agency v. Leeper that’s almost 30 years old is one where we played not the role of the lawyers, but we were the plaintiffs in the case, and we had a Texas lawyer that we were working with on the side who actually did the litigation for us. In that case, the basic argument was that homeschoolers can be considered private schools within the meaning of the Texas law. The private schools in Texas have a whole lot of freedom and aren’t subject to the detailed kind of regulation that private schools face in other states. And the key idea of homeschoolers being able to establish themselves as a private school opened a door not only for Texas but for a number of other states, which had opened private school–kind of approaches. That case was won in the Texas Supreme Court, and we were really proud to be a part of that case.

Mike Smith:
Well, I know that we were both thankful that we’ve had the opportunity at HSLDA to help grow and protect the freedom to homeschool for the past 30 years, and we’ll continue to do so. Until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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