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Volume 117, Program 34
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Are you winding up to homeschool? Take a few moments to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. On this edition of Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith gives a few suggestions to help you stay on your game as a homeschooling parent!

Mike Smith:
You filed the legal paperwork. You purchased the curriculum. What’s left to do as you begin homeschooling your child? Well, a few things, actually!

A lot of emphasis gets placed on filling out the right paperwork and buying the right books. But there’s a wealth of homeschooling knowledge that you can learn best by talking with and observing those who have gone before you. How do you find these experienced homeschoolers? Get plugged into a homeschool group or a co-op, or just purposefully seek out other families who home educate.

Whether or not your support system has a fancy title, it’s essential to find friends who can encourage you and share their homeschooling experience. When you don’t know what curriculum to buy, they can tell you which one worked best for them. When you get discouraged or confused, they can encourage you and remind you why you started homeschooling in the first place.

Aside from finding a group of supportive friends, it’s also important to cultivate a love of learning in your home. You’ve shown your children that their education is important to you by making the bold choice to home educate. Now, approach each subject you study together with the same dedication and tenacity. Sure, your son or daughter may not love every subject you tackle together. But when you have a positive attitude, you give your children a chance to discover that they like subjects you may never have imagined them enjoying.

Until next time, happy homeschooling! I’m Mike Smith.

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