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Volume 117, Program 30
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Generation Joshua is designed to provide civics education and hands-on opportunities for young people ages 11–19. To find out about GenJ and how your student can be involved, request our free brochure by clicking the link above.

The value of good leadership cannot be underestimated, but good leaders must first be taught. Tune in today on Home School Heartbeat,as host Mike Farris talks with the director of HSLDA’s Generation Joshua about how Generation Joshua is teaching tomorrow’s leaders.

Mike Farris:
Generation Joshua deploys hundreds of students every fall to work on conservative, pro-life, pro-family, pro-homeschool races nationwide. Joel, why is this effort so important?

Joel Grewe:
Well, quite simply, we can’t expect good governance if we don’t put good leaders in place. And we can’t expect to have good leaders to put in place unless they’re trained. And so we do both of those in one move: these Student Action Teams allow kids to work on behalf of these candidates, putting good candidates that currently exist in office, which can make a significant difference in the way that the state or the federal government goes. But also, it develops them to be the next generation of leaders that can then take the place of the ones that are currently there.

What new ideas are brewing at GenJ to help students prepare to become good leaders for the future?

Well, there’s quite a few. It seems at any given point we’re working on a new agenda or a new initiative. We’re expanding our camps program to make it available in more locations. So for those people who want to get that leadership training they can be somewhere that’s local to them. We’re currently looking at expanding our clubs program. We’ve developed a leadership corps program where we do specific, individualized education for people that have graduated out of the program that would like to come back as mentors for individual kids to develop further in their leadership capacity. For those who have graduated out of the program, it’s a great way to stay involved.

Joel, when I thought up GenJ a number of years ago, my goal was to help train the leaders of tomorrow by helping to elect the leaders of today. You are really leading that effort in a good way. Thank you so much for your work. I’m Mike Farris.

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Learn more about how your student can be equipped to stand for what is right, grow in his or her beliefs, and make a difference in your community through involvement with a Generation Joshua Student Action Team this year!

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