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iGovern Camps
Volume 117, Program 29
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Generation Joshua is designed to provide civics education and hands-on opportunities for young people ages 11–19. To find out about GenJ and how your student can be involved, request our free brochure by clicking the link above.

Learning through hands-on experience is a wonderful method to teach a concept. Today on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA’s Generation Joshua Director Joel Grewe joins host Mike Farris to talk about Generation Joshua’s action-packed civics summers.

Mike Farris:
Joel, we’ve been talking to you in the middle of this year’s camp, called iGovern Pacific, that’s one of the three week-long camps that GenJ runs during the summer. Tell us what’s going on out there. 

Joel Grewe:
Well, it’s really quite amazing. We’ve put together a week-long leadership program where the kids are put in congressional offices. They’re allowed to work on the budget, they’re able to work on treaties, they can do impeachments. They’re allowed to exercise the legislative power. And at the same time, they’re put into political parties, and these kids design their parties from the ground up: build their platforms, nominate candidates for president. And then they run a presidential election, and that includes everything from fundraising to lobbying to the debates, the press conferences, newspaper interviews. All of the different stresses and work that are involved in that, they get to experience for a week. And it’s an amazing way to develop leadership potential in a safe environment. It’s done from a Christian perspective, it’s done solidly based on God’s Word. But it’s an amazing way to combine your faith and your political understanding in a way that develops you as an individual leader.

Joel, that sounds really great. I wish that Congress would just give them the actual legislative authority to enact their legislation for about a week; that would be a real improvement for our country. Young people, if you are interested in developing these kinds of skills, please contact GenJ. I’m Mike Farris.

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