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Methods of Training
Volume 117, Program 27
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Generation Joshua is designed to provide civics education and hands-on opportunities for young people ages 11–19. To find out about GenJ and how your student can be involved, request our free brochure by clicking the link above.

The process of lawmaking can be confusing to say the least for an average citizen. So how can you help your students make sense of public policy? Today on Home School Heartbeat, join host Mike Farris and Joel Grewe, director of HSLDA’s Generation Joshua, as they talk about three strategies to meet this need, today on Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Farris:
Joel, you’ve been involved with Generation Joshua now for five years. What are you currently doing to help equip students to be active, educated citizens?

Joel Grewe:
We actually are doing three different things nationwide. One of them is something we call our Student Action Teams, which happen every fall, where students of GenJ are allowed to be able to come and be involved in the election process working on behalf of a pro-life, pro-family, and pro-homeschool candidate. It’s done in partnership with the HSLDA PAC, if you want more information about it. But it allows the kids to get tangible, practical, hands-on education in how this political process we live in works. That’s one thing.

Another thing we do, however, is local clubs. We have them nationwide around the country where the kids are able to be involved and invested in their local community. If that means they’re attending their local city council meeting, if it means they’re helping with a crisis pregnancy shelter, if it means that they are working with the Wounded Warriors Project: they’re taking ownership and stewardship of their local community, and they understand citizenship not just on the macro level of the federal elections but also on the local level.

The last way we do it is we try and develop leadership training within the kids themselves. That’s done via our iGovern Camps as well as our Benjamin Rush Scholarship Program, which is a non-competitive college scholarship that GenJ offers to all of its members based on their work and effort in citizenship, on the local community and on the national level.

As the GenJ motto says, the duty is ours, and the results are God’s. I’m Mike Farris.

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