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Making It Relevant
Volume 117, Program 14

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Publishing a book on the U.S. Constitution didn’t end Juliette Turner’s efforts to teach young readers about the document. Tune in to today’s Home School Heartbeat to learn how this former homeschooler is still working to make the Constitution appealing for this generation!

Mike Farris:
Juliette, what else are you doing to help encourage other students to study, appreciate, and apply the Constitution in their own lives?

Juliette Turner:
I love my book Our Constitution Rocks! My mother also founded a foundation called Constituting America. And what we do with Constituting America—I’m the national youth director—is that we try to make the Constitution applicable to the culture of today. And so instead of having the everyday essay or poem, we also have best song for middle schoolers; for elementary we have best poem and best artwork. For middle schoolers we have best essay and best song. And for high school we have best PSA—Public Service Announcement—best short film, best essay, and best song about how the Constitution is relevant to us. We also have college as well as adult and senior citizen categories, as well. But what we try to do is make the Constitution hip and cool in applying to our culture. So you can be driving down the street and listening to a song about the Constitution or flip through channels and see a commercial or PSA about the Constitution, as well. So we’re trying to make it hip and cool for my generation.  

Juliette, I will give an extra $500 to anybody who writes a good song about Article IV, section two: the citizens of each state shall have the privilege and immunities of the citizens in the several states. I can’t wait to hear a song about that; it will be so fun. This is a great work that you’re doing to make the Constitution come alive to young people. I’m Mike Farris.

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