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Researching the Adventure
Volume 116, Program 68

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Curiosity about our ancestors is nothing new, but the tools available today make the search for family history so much easier. On today’s Home School Heartbeat, Michael Farris and Tracy Leininger Craven talk about her book and movie project Alone, Yet Not Alone and the historical research needed to make that personal story come alive.

Mike Farris: Tracy, your book is based on a real historical story, but in writing a novel based on history, you have to fill in a lot of the gaps. What did you do to fill in the gaps from the oral tradition as well as the confirmed history of the French and Indian War?

Tracy Leininger Craven: Before writing Alone Yet Not Alone, my dad and I took a trip to the original home site in Pennsylvania, and we followed the footsteps of Barbara and Regina, all the way to Ohio, where their captives had brought them, just to kinda get a feel for the area that they were in. We also went to the historical societies and did a lot of research on the other captives during that time. But Barbara’s narrative that she published was incredibly helpful, and that saying that fact is always crazier than fiction is really true in this case because everything in it—the bear attack, almost drowning in the river, Barbara being tied at the stake, all these things actually took place and when I read the book, I just thought, this sounds kinda crazy, like, one person going through one trial after the next, but they’re all actual events that took place.

Mike: Tracy, the story that you’ve written, Alone Yet Not Alone, is such an exciting story of courage and persistent faith, and I know that our listeners are going to want to read it. I’m Mike Farris.

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