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Captivity and Escape
Volume 116, Program 66

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Can you imagine your family history including tales of murder, kidnapping, and years of forced servitude? Join host Mike Farris as he talks with Tracy Leininger Craven about the perilous adventure which inspired her new book, Alone, Yet Not Alone, this week on Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Farris: Our guest today is Tracy Leininger Craven; I’ve known Tracy forever and a day. Tracy, welcome to the program.

Tracy Leininger Craven: Thanks, Mike. I’m really happy to be here today.

Mike: Tracy, you’ve written a wonderful book called Alone Yet Not Alone. Could you briefly summarize the story without giving away all the good parts?

Tracy: Alone Yet Not Alone is about some distant relatives on our Leininger side, and they were captured by Indians during the French and Indian War. Barbara and Regina were about 9 and 11, I believe it was, when they were captured, and the story basically follows the adventures and trials that they experienced.

Mike: Tracy, you indicate that the girls were able eventually to come home and it was an escape. How did you learn about the story?

Tracy: Barbara and Regina were both separated, so they both had their own separate stories. Barbara’s story was a lot easier to follow as far as historical accuracy because she actually published her narrative in the 1700s after she returned home, and Regina didn’t return home for nine years total. And her reunion was really touching because basically all she remembered was the song that her mom had sung to her as a child, and the Scripture verses that she knew as a child, and that’s what was used to help her recognize her mom when she heard her mom singing. So that was a real touching part of the book.

Mike Farris: Tracy, I know this is a really heartwarming story. I’m Mike Farris.

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