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Facing the Future
Volume 116, Program 10

Originally aired May 27, 2011
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What do you want to be when you grow up? As you get to know your kids and their goals, it’s important to be supportive. On today’s Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith shares thoughts on embracing the future.

Mike Smith: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and getting to know your children won’t happen overnight. When you do get to the place where they’re willing to share their interests with you, you might be surprised. If you aren’t thrilled that your son wants to attend culinary school or your daughter wants to become an artist, suggest other options, but don’t let your preferences come first.

It’s helpful to remember that our interests and our children’s interests are not synonymous. Dad may love construction, but Johnny may prefer journalism. As parents, we provide guidance and constructive criticism—but in the end we have to trust that God will guide them in the way they should go.

Also, each child discovers his or her talents at a different time. Anne may have known since age 3 that she wants to be a nurse, but George might not have a clue at age 16. This doesn’t mean he’s a failure. While you don’t want to promote laziness or complacency, encourage your children to pursue something they feel called to do, not simply the first opportunity that comes around.

Trusting God with your children’s futures can be incredibly difficult. But that’s part of a parent’s job description. Just remember, your example of faith is the best way to help your children trust God with their own lives. And that’s a lesson that is often learned most effectively outside the classroom!

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