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It's All about Atmosphere
Volume 116, Program 9

Originally aired May 26, 2011
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You can’t get to know your kids when you’re all going a hundred miles an hour in all different directions! Making space for relaxed conversation can improve communication with your kids. And on today’s Home School Heartbeat with Mike Smith, find the key to your child’s reflective side.

Mike Smith: So how do you provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can draw breath from the day’s busyness, and where your children can just chat with you? One idea is to set aside a part of each afternoon to pause and reflect together on the day.

Turn on some soothing music, pull out the cookies, put the kettle on, and let the conversation begin! You might discuss the day’s little events, a poem your daughter found intriguing, or the rising price of fuel. Regardless, it’s critical to give your children a space to make their voices heard on subjects they consider interesting or significant. Take the time to listen to your child’s complete thought before you jump in with corrections or questions! Once children have learned to articulate ideas in a non-threatening environment, they’ll have the confidence to express themselves in more difficult situations.

Traditions such as afternoon coffee or Sunday brunch can anchor your family relationships. When your children encounter surprising news, discover a new life goal, or run across an interesting passage of literature, they’ll know that they have a reliable audience waiting for them along with the milk and the cookies. And when bigger life issues come up, your children are more likely to feel comfortable broaching those topics with you if they have a familiar, non-threatening environment in which to do so.

And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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