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Science Imitating God's Design: An Interview with Ray Comfort

May 6–10, 2013   |   Vol. 115, Programs 56–60

Many scientific advances have been inspired by the divine design present in nature. This week on Home School Heartbeat, Ray Comfort explains how scientific inventions—even Velcro and Olympic swimsuits!—provide evidence that God exists.

“We can see the genius of God’s creative hand.” —Ray Comfort

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The Bible tells us that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” This week on Home School Heartbeat, Ray Comfort, co-author of the book Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design, shares with host Mike Smith how man has imitated God’s creation.

Mike Smith: This week, Ray Comfort, who recently co-authored the book Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design, joins us on our program today. Ray, it’s a privilege to have you today!

Ray Comfort: Well, I’m honored to be with you; thank you for having me on.

Mike: Ray, you and your fellow co-author Jeffrey Seto wrote Made in Heaven to talk about biomimicry. What is biomimicry, and why is it an important subject for homeschoolers to actually study?

Ray: Well, it’s when science copies nature’s design—it’s actually not nature’s design, it’s God’s design. There’s a lot of things that we use, that we take for granted, invented by man such as Velcro. Some guy saw this little thing stuck to his dog, and he studied it and thought, I can imitate that! Man has done the same thing with the cat’s eyes; you know cat’s eyes glow in the dark. You know cat’s eyes and the road that help you drive at night? They copied that off of cat’s eyes! And so what I want to do is say, hey, we can see the genius of God’s creative hand in creation; let’s give Him praise, let’s give Him thanks, let’s give Him credit, because God’s the one that invented all these things we see around us.

Mike: Well, Ray, this is a very fascinating subject and we thank you for sharing with us today. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

Mike Smith: Ray Comfort is with us to talk about biomimicry, which he defines in his book Made in Heaven as “the copying and application of ideas and inspiration from the fields of biology to technology.” Ray, would you please tell us about some of the inventions people have made through biomimicry?

Ray Comfort: Yes, they’ve copied fish scales to make wetsuits so Olympic swimmers can swim faster; they’ve copied the human eye to make camera lenses; and even I had a shot the other day—a doctor gave me a shot and I hardly felt it, and it’s because they’ve copied the needle, whatever the mosquito uses to pierce the skin—they copied the design of that. And the wonderful thing about this book is a picture’s worth a thousand words. The publishers actually took full-color pictures. These full-color pictures they put in are just wonderful. I wrote the book with a rocket scientist; my good looks and humility and his brains have made it a very exciting publication to give to an unsaved person, a skeptic, an atheist, because it’s so convincing to see these pictures of God’s wonderful design and the genius of His creative hand.

Mike: Well, Ray, it’s amazing to see what ways we’ve actually come up with to imitate God’s wonderful design, as you point out. Thanks for sharing that with us today, and until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

Mike Smith: This week, we’re talking to Ray Comfort, whose newest book, Made in Heaven, is all about the ways science imitates God’s design. Ray, what are some of the things we can learn about God the creator from actually studying biomimicry?

Ray Comfort: Well, we can learn, obviously, there’s a God. There’s a lot of people who are atheists and shoot at you through the heart. Men like Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist, and Christopher Hitchens, the atheist who recently went to meet his Maker, have come into our country and, through selling millions of books and going to universities, have convinced multitudes they’re nothing but primates, that there’s no God, and no moral absolutes. And atheism is the craziest thing. Isaac Newton said it’s senseless, and it certainly is. For creation to exist, there must be a Creator. The building is proof there’s a builder; the painting is proof there’s a painter; and what this book does is it coagulates that whole thought, shows how wonderful God is to give us such a marvelous creation that when you look at it through a microscope or up close you can see how intricately and fearfully and wonderfully it’s made.

Mike: Well, thanks for sharing that with us today, Ray, and I know our listeners will really appreciate what you have to say. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

Mike Smith: Ray, sometimes it’s easier to learn by doing than by seeing. Are there any hands-on projects families can do to study God’s amazing design in nature?

Ray Comfort: Oh, absolutely! Let me give you one that’s just a great one. Go to your refrigerator with your kids, take an egg out, and drop it on the floor in front of them. And say, “Kids, what happened?” And they say, “The egg dropped on the floor.” Say, “Why?” “Well, the law of gravity, well, gravity, pulled it down and squished it.” Then you tell them, “Hey, we’re surrounded by laws like that.” There’s the law of gravity, there’s the law of electricity—if you stick your finger up a light socket you’re gonna cook!—and if you violate those laws you’re in big trouble! And say, “Hey, there’s a law that’s even greater than that, and it’s called the law of sin and death.” The Bible says the soul that sins shall die, and you teach them the Ten Commandments and as they grow up they’ll begin to see sin arise in their hearts. They’ll realize they’ve sinned against God and that will drive them to the foot of the cross. So there’s lots of illustrations. You know, you can get anything out of your garden, and study it closely like a leaf, or a flower, or an egg . So all around us, we see the genius of God’s creative hand. Truly, we live in a museum of miracles.

Mike: Thanks for your helpful suggestions, Ray. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

Mike Smith: We’re spending time with author Ray Comfort, talking about biomimicry, which is a way science imitates the design found in nature. Now, Ray, what kinds of careers and opportunities are available to students who want to study biomimicry?

Ray Comfort: Well, I don’t even think it’s an actual science. I think it’s just being called biomimicry and it just, it explains what’s being done but, you know, just go out into any area of society and be salt and light in the community. Learn to share your faith; learn to address the conscience of those who are unbelievers. Most of us fall into the trap of addressing the intellect, which is the place of argument. If you want arguments, address the intellect. If you want to bring conviction of sin, if you want to see people understand the cross and find everlasting life, imitate Jesus and learn to speak directly to the human conscience as Jesus did by going through the Ten Commandments. Those commandments show us that we’re sinners, and show us we need a savior. So, you can be salt and light in the community in any sphere, even if you’re not a rocket scientist.

Mike: Well Ray, thanks for your input this week, Ray! It’s been fascinating to learn about biomimicry from you. And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the Founder/President/CEO of Living Waters Publications. After relocating from New Zealand to Southern California in the late 1980s, Ray introduced a long line of pastors and churches to a biblical teaching which he called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.” The positive and enthusiastic response that followed took Ray’s Living Waters Publications ministry to a whole new level. From humble beginnings, LWP has become an internationally recognized ministry, reaching the lost and equipping Christians with resources to fulfill the great commission.

Ray Comfort is the co-host (with Kirk Cameron) of the award-winning television program “The Way of the Master,” which airs in 70 countries around the world. Ray is a best-selling author of more than 60 books including: The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions and Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design.

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