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Homeschooling an Only Child

Vol. 115, Prg. 46–50
April 22–26, 2013

Will my child still benefit from homeschooling if he or she has no siblings? This week on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith answers this question with an emphatic yes!

“Homeschooling an only child has its own challenges, but they’re not greater than those faced by a larger family—just different. The joy of homeschooling an only child is in following the interest of the child.”—Mary Healy

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Desk for One, Please!
Getting Your Homeschool out of the House
Socialization in the Singular
The Voice of Experience
Encouragement from the Other Side
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Mary Healy
Mary Healy lives in Alaska with her husband, Ron. They homeschooled their only child, Shannon. Since Shannon graduated from high school and went to college, Mary has returned to being a registered nurse and volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center.

Shannon Healy
Shannon Healy was homeschooled K–12, during which time she spent her off-school hours dancing, sewing, reading books, and coordinating TeenPact classes. In 2011 she graduated from Patrick Henry College with a degree in government, and, since then, she has been working as a costume designer in Michigan.

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