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The World We Live In: Architecture in the Home
Volume 115, Program 27
Originally aired on 8/5/2008
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Architecture is all around us—but does the shape of your environment really make a difference in your daily life? Keep listening to find out, on today’s Home School Heartbeat with host Mike Smith and his guest, architect Daniel Lee.

Mike Smith:
Daniel, homeschoolers believe that home has a powerful influence, but usually we think of that influence coming from the interactions of the family. Tell us about how the design of a home affects our daily life.

Daniel Lee:
Well, as you know, Mike, for homeschooled children, their home is the place where they sleep, play, and study—all wrapped into one. It’s the primary environment where their view of human relationships, faith, and the material world is shaped and encouraged. Now, architecture is the whole environment of the home—where we express and act out how we think the world really is, or how we would like the world to be. People of faith recognize that the world is broken and fallen, but being redeemed.

I want to encourage homeschool families to shape the architecture and environment of their homes to communicate both how the world is, as well as could be, with an emphasis on the world God intended. When we do this, our children will develop a sense of the real presence of God in the world and a sense of hope, as they truth and love leading them to create beauty, order, and balance each day.

The whole environment of our homes—our choice of colors, fabrics, furnishings, art, and even how we prepare our food—is significant. Our children are the shapers of our future environments, Mike, even our future cities. How we invest in them will bear fruit in the future and even bring in the lordship of Christ over the world.

That’s great to know, Daniel! On our next program, we’ll talk about how homeschool parents can teach their children about architecture. And until then, I’m Mike Smith.

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