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Raising Great Men: An Interview with William J. Bennett

Vol. 114, Prg. 16–20
December 3–7, 2012

New York Times best-selling author William J. Bennett joins Mike Farris this week on Home School Heartbeat to discuss raising boys to be great men in his new book The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood.

“I wish I knew what the magic potion was, but I don’t think there is a magic potion; I think it’s faith. I think it’s being taught the right things. I think it’s an act of will, where man makes up his mind, he’s going to do the right thing.”

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Raising Great Men Today
Raising Great Men of Courage and Honor
Raising Great Men who Work
Raising Great Men who Lead
Raising Great Men who Serve

Complete Interview: Listen to the complete conversation between host Mike Farris and Bill Bennett.

William J. Bennett:
William J. Bennett is one of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural, political, and education issues. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Bill Bennett studied philosophy at Williams College (BA) and the University of Texas (PhD) and earned a law degree from Harvard. He is the Washington Fellow of the Claremont Institute, and a CNN contributor. He is also the chairman of Americans for Victory over Terrorism, a project dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public opinion as the war on terrorism moves forward.

Dr. Bennett is the host of a nationally broadcast radio show from 6:00-9:00 a.m. (EST): Bill Bennett’s Morning in America.

During the 1980s, Dr. Bennett emerged as one of the nation’s most prominent political figures.

He served as President Reagan’s chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1981-1985) and Secretary of Education (1985-1988), and President Bush’s “drug czar” (1989-1990). In his various roles, he was perceived—even by his adversaries—as a man of strong, reasoned convictions who spoke candidly, eloquently, and honestly about some of the most important issues of our time.

Dr. Bennett has recently completed a two-volume history of the United States, entitled America: The Last Best Hope, Volumes 1 & 2—both New York Times best-sellers. Bill Bennett has accomplished a rare feat: since leaving government, he has achieved an even greater impact on our national political debate. Dr. Bennett has written for America’s leading newspapers and magazines and appeared on the nation’s most influential television shows. He has also written and edited 16 books, two of which—The Book of Virtues and The Children’s Book of Virtues—rank among the most successful of the past decade. The Book of Virtues has been made into an animated series that airs on PBS in the United States and Great Britain and has been seen in over 65 countries. Dr. Bennett was named by focus groups and leading analysts the “Best Communicator of 2002,” the most well-received public commentator on the issues of “pride, patriotism, faith, and moral conviction.” In April of 2005, the Sunday New York Times named Dr. Bennett the “leading spokesman of the Traditional Values wing of the Republican Party.”

Although he is a well-known Republican, Dr. Bennett often has crossed party lines in order to pursue important common purposes. He has worked closely with Democratic leaders to fight the decline of popular culture and to end worldwide religious persecution, and he is the co-chairman of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America with former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Thanks to his writings and speeches, William Bennett has extraordinary influence on America’s political and social landscape. He, his wife Elayne, and their two sons live in Maryland.

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The Book of Man

Bill Bennett

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