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Emphasizing the Ultimate Goal
Volume 114, Program 64
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What does homeschooling look like on the other side of the world? Join us today on Home School Heartbeat,as Church and Home Educators Association of Japan president Hiro Inaba shares some of the things that make Japanese homeschoolers unique with host Mike Smith.

Mike Smith: Hiro Inaba, president of the Church and Home Education Association of Japan, joins us again today, and what are some special things that Japanese homeschoolers study, Hiro, that may be different from what we do here in the states or other countries?

Hiro Inaba: Japan is a more group-oriented society than the United States, so to be isolated from the group or to do differently is a big fear. Continuing homeschooling is also very tough for the Japanese as the pressure from the outside gets stronger and more intimidating. The solution we have concluded is that we must emphasize our ultimate goal even more. What is the ultimate goal? We emphasize three things: number one, to save our children’s souls. Number two is to give the heart of Christ to our children—discipleship training. Our third goal is to share the good news. There’s always somebody who needs to listen to the good news from us, even if we are 12 years old, or 120 years old, we can pray over a friend or pass a tract to a stranger, we can wash dishes, or speak in front of thousands. Chea Japan and I have learned through the past 12 years to keep these strong and ultimate goals close to our hearts.

Mike: Hiro, thanks for sharing the truth with us today. And, until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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