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Meet the Skeptic: An Interview with Bill Foster

Vol. 113, Prg. 51–55
October 15–19, 2012

Ever wanted to share your faith with a skeptic, but didn’t know how? This week, author Bill Foster joins host Mike Farris to show you how to discuss your faith with skeptics. “Many believers get discouraged or intimidated when they try to answer a skeptic because they don’t see how they can possibly remember answers for all of their objections. But instead of thinking about skepticism as a tangled mass of unrelated questions, what if we started seeing it as categories instead?” — Bill

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Meet the Skeptic
The Spiritual Skeptic
Whose Truth Is It?
Examining the Scientific Skeptic
Is the Bible Relevant?

Bill Foster:
Bill Foster is a Christian apologist teacher and presenter to adult, college, and teen audiences. He holds a BA in English from Furman University and an MFA in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. As the owner of a brand image and design firm, he has a unique perspective of how the popular culture perceives and is influenced by the ideas that shape our world. Bill is happily married and lives in North Carolina.

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Meet the Skeptic

Bill Foster

Christian faith almost always meets skepticism. Are you equipped to effectively handle the skeptic's questions and debates?

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