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After the Sweat Clears…
Volume 113, Program 40
Airdate: 9/28/2012
Original Airdate: 9/18/2009
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Exercise is the most obvious part of a physical education program—but is it enough? Today on Home School Heartbeat with host Mike Farris, hear the answer to that question from a homeschooling dad and family physician.

Mike Farris:
Dr. Roger Sayre has been with me all week, discussing the role of physical education in the homeschool. Roger, we’ve focused on exercise for the last few days. Are there any other essential elements of a physical education program that you’d like to recommend to our listeners?

Dr. Roger Sayre:
It’s funny you should ask that question, Mike. Although we have stressed regular exercise in our family, I have become recently aware that our kids are lacking in the basic knowledge of some of the more common sports. My own childhood was consumed by participation in organized sports, so the rules and strategies of football, baseball, etc., are so engrained in my mind that they’re second nature to me! But, like many homeschool children, my kids were helping to weed the garden at about the same age that I was learning to swing a bat.

You know, without question, sports can occupy a far-too-significant portion of our time and attention. But I think we, as homeschooling parents, are remiss if we fail to teach our kids the fundamentals of the common sports. Sports provide enjoyable opportunities for maintaining fitness and developing friendships. They also provide an environment for learning life skills that can be helpful for years to come.

Roger, thanks so much! I know my kids have always enjoyed playing sports in the community leagues and so on. It’s a really wonderful way to be involved in fitness. I’m Mike Farris.

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