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Rescuing Your Children from Irresponsibility
volume 112, Program 35
Airdate: 6/22/2012
Original Airdate: August 29, 2008
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How do you raise responsible children? Noted author and speaker Dr. Jeff Myers surveyed thousands of triumphant parents who did just that. Hear their secrets on today’s Home School Heartbeat with Mike Farris.

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Mike Farris:
Jeff, you’ve interviewed a number of successful parents to find out what they did to raise responsible kids. What did you find, and what suggestions do you have for other parents?

Dr. Jeff Myers
Mike, years ago, when I was a relatively new parent, I interviewed parents who had successfully raised great kids, and I found that these successful parents did ten things differently. I put all of this on an audio CD recording of a talk that I’ve given called “Rescuing Children from the Culture of Irresponsibility.” It’s a lot, but here are the things that really stood out from that study:

First of all, successful parents modeled responsibility. John Maxwell says, “We teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are.” So, in essence, we have to parent by looking in the mirror to see what example we’re setting.

Second of all, I found that these successful parents made sure that their relationships with their children were right. Sometimes we don’t even realize that there are things that stand between us and our kids. So, these responsible parents sought to be reconciled with their kids. They took responsibility for that.

Third, they established what we called a ladder of rights and responsibilities. They didn’t just give things to their kids; they outlined clear ways that taking responsibility led to specific rewards.

I’m sure that all who listened will be encouraged. Jeff, thanks so much for your work. I’m Mike Farris.

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