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Parental Rights—Repairing the Breach
volume 112, Program 20
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Your constitutional rights as a parent are under attack today—as Scott and Jodi Ferris realized when their newborn daughter was arbitrarily taken away from them by a social services worker the day she was born. Today, on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA attorneys Mike Farris and Darren Jones discuss how you can protect your rights.

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Darren Jones:
Mike, we’ve been talking this week about one specific court case—the Ferris case in Pennsylvania—that deals with a family’s 4th amendment constitutional rights and parental rights. So, tell us, what can our listeners do to join in the effort to protect our constitutional rights?

Mike Farris:
First and foremost, we need to see the Parents’ Rights Amendment enacted into the Constitution of the United States. So, I would encourage everyone to come to both HSLDA’s website and to parentalrights.org for full information and the opportunity to participate in putting parents’ rights into the actual text of the Constitution.

While they’re there, they could look at the Home School Freedom Fund that supports our litigation work for these kinds of cases. I’d encourage them to visit and to consider being a part and supporting the work. This is really important for us to stand together. When one family fights alone, it’s really a lonely and difficult battle. When all of us stand together, we have a lot of impact and a lot of ability to turn back these kinds of erosions of our freedom.

Mike, this is a crucial battle. We here at HSLDA are deeply committed to protecting freedom—for our homeschooling members and for all parents and families. For Home School Heartbeat, I’m Darren Jones.

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