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A Less-Than-Warm Welcome
Volume 112, Program 16
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What is most valuable to you in the whole world? If you’re a parent, your family is probably your first answer to that question. This week on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA attorneys Darren Jones and Mike Farris examine a court case that deals with a surprising threat to one family.

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Darren Jones:
I’m here today with HSLDA Chairman Mike Farris to talk about an important parental rights court case that we’re working on. Mike, it’s a pleasure to be in the studio with you.

Mike Farris: Darren, thanks so much. It’s good to be with you.

Mike, earlier this year, we saw an important case—the Stieler case—that centered on parents’ rights to’ make medical decisions for their young children. That issue isnt dead. Tell us what happened to Pennsylvania couple Scott and Jodi Ferris.

Well, first let me say that Scott and Jodi are not related to me; their last name is spelled differently; they’re FE-rris, I’m FA-rris. I’m Irish version; they’re English version.

Scott and Jodi Ferris found themselves in an ambulance because Jodi went into labor earlier than they expected. She gave birth in the hospital parking lot; the medical personnel met them right there in the parking lot and began giving treatment. There were a lot of conflicts that arose, and there were conflicting answers given to them about the condition of the baby. One doctor would say, the baby is quite ill, is going to have to stay in the hospital, the other doctor said, the baby’s fine. It was very conflicting, and it got worse as the day went on.

Mike, any parent knows, not getting straight answers—or getting conflicting answers—about their newborn is horrible. But it didn’t stop there. Join us next time for the rest of the story. For Home School Heartbeat, I’m Darren Jones.

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