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Cultivating Manly Chivalry
volume 112, Program 13
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If you’re working to cultivate manliness in your sons, where does courtesy come in? But today on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA President Mike Smith and father of six sons Hal Young discuss the connections between the two.

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Mike Smith:
Hal, you and Melanie titled your book, Raising Real Men, and you spend quite a bit of time discussing how to cultivate manliness in boys. How does training in courtesy or chivalry fit into that picture?

Hal Young:
Great question, Mike. Good manners are not a sissy thing. Look at George Washington, or Theodore Roosevelt, for example. They inspired tremendous respect from their soldiers, but they were also known as very polished gentlemen in society. They knew how to lead on the battlefield, or in polite conversation.

Manners basically help us get along. I took two of our sons to a state political convention that ran on strict parliamentary procedure, and afterwards we discussed how following those rules allowed a meeting with hundreds of people and passionate debate to carry on without anger or rudeness.

The best way to teach manners is by example. When Dad shows courtesy to Mom or to his own mother, boys learn how to treat a lady. We make it a point of honor that our boys always show kindness to girls and women, and those smaller and weaker than themselves.

And finally, we shouldn’t forget, the Bible speaks about courtesy on many occasions. We should consider others as greater than ourselves. Carry ourselves with modesty and humility. And simply show honor to one another. And it helps us be sure that no one opposes our message, simply because we are impolite.

Hal, those are great insights. Parents of boys have a lot to gain by your wisdom and experience. Thanks for sharing with us today! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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