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The Bible: Currently Relevant
volume 111, Program 17
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The world these days can be hard to explain to your child. You make it past the political scandals, only to get hung up on the economy or global warming! Join us for insights on how a biblical worldview can shape your view of current events—today on Home School Heartbeat with host Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
I’m joined again today by Ken Ham, founder and president of the well-known apologetics ministry, Answers in Genesis. Ken, how does a biblical perspective influence the way a parent might talk to their child about current events?

Ken Ham:
Well, let me give you a practical example. I had a young man who didn’t agree with me that God created; he believed in evolution. He said that everyone should be allowed to have their own opinions about life. So, I said to him, “Can I have my own opinions too?” He said, “Of course.” I then said, “Well, my opinion is that people like you are dangerous; I’m going to shoot you.” He looked shocked and said, “You can’t do that!” and I said, “Why not?” He said, “Because it’s not right.” I said, “Why isn’t it right?” He said, “Because it’s wrong.” I said, “Why is it wrong?” He said, “Because it’s not right.”

You see, the only way we can decide if something is right or wrong is if we have an absolute authority—One who has a right to tell us what is right and wrong. So, the only way to determine what we should believe about marriage, abortion, and so on, is to stand on the absolute authority of the Word of God. In the Book of Judges, we read that when there was no king, no absolute authority to tell the people what was right and wrong, they did “what was right in their own eyes.”

You see, the only way to deal with current events like discussions about gay marriage and abortion, and determine what is right or wrong, is to judge such by the absolute authority of the word of God.

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A recent study shows more than half of young people raised in conservative churches leaving the church in their 20s. Ken Ham, this week’s guest, offers research and analysis on this growing trend in his new book, Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It.

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