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Keeping Your Homeschool Going in Crisis
volume 109, Program 29
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Caregiving as a Homeschooler CR article

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What if the constant interruption to your homeschooling day isn’t a toddler, but a grandparent? Today on Home School Heartbeat, homeschooling mom Janice Campbell joins host Mike Smith to talk about approaching homeschooling realistically when you’re also providing care for elderly relatives.

Mike Smith:
Janice, once homeschooling families have thought through the important considerations you presented earlier this week, do you have some good suggestions for approaching home education while you’re in a caregiving situation?

Janice Campbell:
First of all, be realistic. You don’t have to teach everything they need to know for life. You just need to lay a strong foundation of basic skills. Second, eliminate distractions and prune the good to make room for the best. If you’re a wife and mother, the most important thing you must do is love your husband and children. If you find yourself stressed and crabby, its time to step back, refocus and think about what needs to be eliminated. Third, make practical adjustments such as adding safety equipment, taking out trip hazards, and allowing more time to do everything. That allows you to be flexible, kind and patient. Finally, stay focused on priorities. Learning continues to happen as long as you focus on priorities. Keep reading aloud. Keep that atmosphere of learning going. Eliminate distractions. Keep a long term view. Don’t compare yourself or your family to others. The reality of parenting, homeschooling, and caregiving is that you do the best you can with what you have and pray that the mercy and grace of God will cover all.

Janice, this is so helpful. Thanks for joining us today! And until then, I’m Mike Smith.

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