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LiveAction: An Interview with Lila Rose

Vol. 108, Prg. 6–10
October 31–November 4, 2011

This week on Home School Heartbeat, find out why Mike Farris calls homeschool graduate Lila Rose a “deposit on the big things that the [next] generation is going to do.” Lila Rose shares how her homeschool education equipped her to found LiveAction and make huge strides for the pro-life movement. Lila brings practical tips on how parents can prepare their children to make a real difference in the world.

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Young Lady, Big Impact
Preparing for Action
Taking the Stand
Being the Voice
Doing it Now

Bonus Interview Segment with Lila Rose

Click the link to hear an extra, online-only interview segment with this week’s guest, Lila Rose.

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Lila Rose
Lila Rose, a homeschool graduate and recent UCLA graduate, has dedicated herself to building a culture of life and ending abortion. At age 15, Lila founded Live Action, which is now a growing nonprofit with several chapters in California. Live Action is a youth-led organization which works to expose abuses in the abortion industry and advocate for human rights for the pre-born, using new media to educate and mobilize both local and national audiences. Lila has led numerous undercover investigations through Live Action, exposing corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion chain. Lila founded the pro-life student magazine The Advocate, now the largest pro-life student publication in the country, distributed at over 300 high school and college campuses with a circulation of 200,000.

Lila is a frequent guest on radio and television programs, including The O'Reilly Factor, The Glenn Beck Show, CNN, EWTN, and The Laura Ingraham Show. Numerous newspapers and blogs have also covered her work, including feature pieces by Reuters, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and National Review. CNN featured Lila in a documentary, “Right on the Edge.” The Associated Press and UPI frequently publish stories on Live Action's work. Lila has written for magazines and news groups including Politico, the Hill and First Things. Lila also serves on the board for the Queen of Angels Charitable Trust Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Lila’s work has merited a number of awards and Lila is a national and international pro-life speaker.

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Want more information on LiveAction and pro-life resources? Learn more about Lila Rose’s organization LiveAction, a new media movement for life, by clicking the link above.

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