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Family Syllogisms
volume 108, Program 27
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Want to introduce some syllogisms into your family time? Or maybe your homeschool program could use a few more inductive arguments. If these terms are Greek to you, stay tuned! Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith interviews professor Doug Geivett on how families can learn logic together.

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Mike Smith:
As homeschoolers, we understand that the family plays a huge role in the education of the child. Doug, how can we as families learn logic together?

Doug Geivett:
Mike, I love this idea of learning logic together as families. The early years are the most critical. They come up with profound thoughts and ask deep questions. The best thing we can do with our children, from the very beginning, is to affirm them in the good thinking they already display, and then probe them with questions and suggestions to keep thinking hard along the same lines.

There are a number of questions we can ask our children. “Sally, why do you think that?” Now this question teaches Sally that there needs to be an answer to the question why. There is a reason. Or what about this: “Sally, that’s a great point, but what if…” and then you fill it in with something to give her more to think about; draw her out so that she has to pursue the same line of logic. Or, “Do you think this is a good reason, or is this a better reason?” This way, we’re teaching Sally that some reasons are better than others. And so, with well-placed questions, we can encourage our children to think more logically and demonstrate that that’s a value that we ourselves have.

Doug, these are really great suggestions, and I know our listeners will really appreciate them. So thanks for joining us today! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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