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Making Peace in Your Home: An Interview with Ken Sande

Vol. 103, Prg. 11–15
March 7–11, 2011

Isn’t it enough to just say “I’m sorry?” Sometimes, the answer is no. On this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith talks with Ken Sande about the roots of conflict and the best ways to resolve relational issues effectively. Learn how to instill peacemaking skills that will last your children a lifetime!

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Overlook an Offense?
"How Dare You!?"
"I'm Not-So-Sorry"
Conflict: A Heart Issue
Forgive and Forget?


Ken Sande

Ken Sande is president of Peacemaker Ministries and author of The Peacemaker, which has been translated into 12 languages. He is passionate about bringing the life-changing power of God’s peacemaking principles into the lives of Christians and their churches. His early experience in engineering and law fueled his desire to dedicate his life to biblical peacemaking, resulting in his decision 27 years ago to found Peacemaker Ministries.

Ken has used biblical peacemaking principles to minister to parties in hundreds of conflict situations ranging from simple personal disputes to complex church, corporate, and legal conflicts. He has co-written three other books—Peacemaking for Families, The Peacemaker Student Edition, and Resolving Everyday Conflict (available April 2011)—and published numerous articles and other resources on biblical conflict resolution. Ken is in frequent demand as a conference speaker. His wife, Corlette, published a biblical peacemaking curriculum for children called The Young Peacemaker. The Sandes’ favorite family activity is hiking with in the mountains near their home in Billings, Montana.

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Would you like to learn more about biblically resolving conflicts in your home? The Young Peacemaker will help you teach practical, memorable principles of peacemaking to your children. Check out helpful articles and principles of peacemaking or order The Young Peacemaker by following the link.

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