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There Is No Such Thing as an iHome
volume 103, Program 25
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The teen slouching into his earbuds. The mom keeping up with her 300 “friends” on Facebook. The dad pecking away at his BlackBerry. Is this “family time” in your living room? Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Farris talks with Jeff Myers about how to knit the home back together.

Mike Farris:
Jeff, it seems like we live in a culture that’s increasingly aimed at individualized technology—“i”Pods, “i”Phones, “i”-everything. In that kind of climate, how do you deliberately strengthen the family bonds in your own home?

Jeff Myers:
Well, Mike, a home is an opportunity to create the kind of community that we wish the larger society to be. So in our house we really do everything we can to focus on real things, not virtual things. My wife Danielle does Facebook, but she does it before the children get up in the morning, or after they go to bed.

And we may have Christian music on, or Christian radio throughout the house, or we listen to audio books together while we’re driving, but we react strongly against any form of entertainment that’s used to separate people from one another. So, for example, the only time you get to listen to an iPod in our house is when you’re on the treadmill or out for a run.

Our kids know that we won’t allow technology to disrupt our interactions together. When the phone rings, we usually ignore it, or at least we screen the calls and only answer if it won’t be disruptive at that moment. We don’t have cell phones for our kids. First of all, it’s a huge expense. Second of all, we’ve observed with their friends who have cell phones that the effect is almost entirely negative.

But the key is: Is your home the kind of community that you want the larger society to be? And moving toward that is the real goal.

Jeff, you have shared a lot of wisdom this week. I appreciate your counsel and encouragement to help families build stronger and deeper relationships. I’m Mike Farris.

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