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Rediscovering Joy: An Interview with Sally Clarkson

Vol. 102, Prg. 11–15
January 17–21, 2011

The homeschooling process—let alone the duties of mothering—can be very demanding. This week on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris talks with Sally Clarkson about the importance of taking time for God, fellowship, and the little joys of life, so that you have joy to give to others.

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The Mid-Year Slump
Energizing “Tired Mamas”
Joy in the Midst
Ups and Downs
No “Lone Ranger Mommies”


Sally Clarkson
Sally is, first and foremost, a full-time, stay-at-home-schooling mom. Her life has always revolved around her four wholehearted
children—Sarah, Joel, Nathan and Joy. Sarah, Joel, and Nathan are now graduated and pursuing the next chapter in each of their lives, while Joy is still being homeschooled under Sally's direction.

In addition to her ministry to her family, God has also given Sally a ministry to other families (and especially to homeschooling mothers) through speaking and writing. Sally grew up in Texas and New Mexico, received Christ as her personal Savior during her freshman year at Texas Tech University, was active with Campus Crusade for Christ during college, and joined staff upon graduation in 1975. She ministered at the University of Texas, lived and ministered in Eastern Europe under Communist rule, and returned to Denver to work with executive women and singles, and with Clay, whom she married a year later. Sally is a writer, speaker, discipler, and blogger (itakejoy.com) who also loves books, music, British films, baking, and tea.

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Are you searching for ways to restore joy to your life? Sally Clarkson shares her journey to a life of grace and joy in her book Dancing with My Father. Click here to order this book and learn more about how to thrive as a homeschool mom.

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