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The Prudent Wife: An Interview with Lisa Baughn

Vol. 102, Prg. 6–10
January 10–14, 2011

Are you struggling to make ends meet, or wondering if there are other techniques out there that will help you stretch your dollar the farthest? On this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith speaks with Lisa Baughn on practical ways to conserve resources while still meeting priorities like diet and education.

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A Is for Attitude
Grocery Savvy
Cutting Curriculum Cost
Anything Extra?
Plan to Save


Lisa Baughn

Lisa Baughn is the owner of The Prudent Wife, a website that helps women save time, money, and sanity while learning to thrive in the “new economy,” and that equips families to get out of debt faster. Lisa is an imperfect wife and homeschool mom, who enjoys home education, learning as a family, cooking easy gourmet meals with maximum nutrition, eating peppers of every kind, and natural health. She has a passion for the inerrant, perfect Word of God and inductive Bible study, desiring to know and serve the Lord in every aspect of life.

Lisa and her husband Dave have been homeschooling for 11 years, and are charging toward the finish line with their youngest daughter. Lisa loves to encourage other moms who have struggling learners or who face challenging situations while standing firm in the call to teach their children at home. A writer and speaker, Lisa has been privileged to write for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, author a monthly column for Family Pastime Magazine, contribute to numerous blogs and websites, and contribute to or author several e-books. Moneysaving ideas, recipes, and tips can be found at her website, www.ThePrudentWife.com.

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Are you wondering how to make every dollar count during a time of economic hardship? Bring your questions and join Lisa Baughn for a live webinar about how to manage your home well, Thursday, January 20! Click here to learn more about ways to trim costs while not cutting out essentials

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